Bouganvillea beauty

The KaleidaCam App is such great fun just like the old Kaleidoscopes we used to have back in the day. It is presently free in the App store and gives you 4 different kaleidoscope patterns to choose from.

Butterfly flower

We decided to have download this App and have some fun with it and took KaleidaCam into the garden to see what it could do with some flowers. We tried it first with a Bouganvillea flower in two different styles.

Spider Plant Mandala

Then we tried another style on our Spider Flower, giving us some amazing patterns and designs.

Bouganvillea rosettes

Lastly, we tried it on the Butterfly Flower and got such a lovely delicate design. We loved this App and really would recommend it to everyone to try, have some fun and see how creative you can get.

Oh and by the way did we tell you that you can upload and share these images online too? A worthwhile App that will keep you amused for hours.