Southern Double-Collared Sunbird

These little birds can easily be called the gems of the Western Cape with their bright jewel-like colours and long curved beaks. At present they are all around gardens and fynbos, flitting from Protea to Erica or any other tubular type flower that has nectar.

Orange-Breasted Sunbird

It seems that it is breeding time now and the male birds are endlessly chasing their rather drab looking females and fighting off the other male suitors trying to make a move on the females.

Malachite Sunbird in eclipse

The most common sunbirds in the Western Cape are the Malachite Sunbird, The Greater Double-Collared Sunbird, The Orange-Breasted Sunbird, The Amethyst Sunbird and the Southern Double-Collared Sunbird, with only one species of Sugarbird being the Cape Sugarbird with its Long sweeping tail. These are such little beauties that bring a smile to my face each time i see or hear them. Look out for them on your next walk.

Cape Sugarbird