The Harold Porter Botanical Gardens is situated in Betty’s Bay in the Western Cape. Originally named Shangri-La Nature reserve, when it was later taken over by the National Botanical Gardens they renamed it the Harold Porter Botanical Gardens.

The garden covers an area of 200.5 ha, stretching from the Kogelberg mountain range down to the main road, the gardens encompass a whole river system. 10 ha has been cultivated as a garden while the remainder is a natural reserve.

The gardens have a great variety of birdlife and flowers. All the fynbos flowers can be found here with Disa orchids flower in December and January up by the waterfall and sundews found in the forest areas.

The gardens have an area where local plants can be bought, a great shop and restaurant for those who find they have spent more time here than intended, to replenish themselves.

We have been back again and again in order to see the various plants that flower at different times of the year as well as the splendid sunbirds and sugarbirds that feed from them. There are also reptiles like the Boomslang in the trees and puff adders up in the higher slopes and trails. You could even come across some baboons, and care should be taken not to stare or smile at them as this could be construed as aggressiveness and you should not have any food on display either.

All in all, this is a wonderful place to spend a day and we can assure you that a second visit won’t be far behind.