After hearing through Twitter that fish were dying in the Milnerton Lagoon, we decided to go have a look for ourselves and this is what we found.

Some booms placed across the lagoon and notices placed alongside the lagoon requesting people to stay clear and not to interfere with the equipment. Some small pockets of dead mullet with the birds seeming largely uninterested in feeding off of the dead fish.

Whilst we were there, some officials from the City of Cape Town Nature Conservation arrived and we asked them what could be the cause of all these fish dying. They told us that they were not sure yet, samples of the water had been taken and sent away for testing and that they would know by Monday or Tuesday as to the outcome. They also told us that the possibilities were the high heat levels which deplete the oxygen level in the water, or effluents that could have leaked or been introduced into the water, so polluting it, or a sewage spillage from Potsdam sewage works. They were awaiting the outcome of the tests before making any definite statements. We further enquired if the fish could have been poisoned to which they replied that they did not think this was a possibility as there were no dead birds.

The City of Cape Town had staff busy raking up the dead fish and had so far removed five tons of dead fish from the area.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon and if a guilty party is found to be the cause that they will be suitably punished. We look forward to having our wildlife return to normal.