Greenpoint park originated from the building of the new stadium and was opened in early 2011. The park has been hailed as a “park for the people” and includes many features and here are some of them:

Great visible policing with security personnel all around the park.

Playgrounds for children, one playground for ages 1 to 6 and another playground for ages 6 to 14 and the park caters for bikes, and roller-skates. One rule here is that children must be accompanied by an adult.

Picnic areas with tables and chairs.

A “Discovering Biodiversity” area where the story of how you and biodiversity connect.

A “Wetlands” area with water birds and a giant waterwheel.

The “People and plants” area where you can touch and smell the various local plants and this garden is decorated with various, locally made beadwork, featuring some of our local insects and birds. The showy flowers are all our local fynbos, reeds and medicinal plants.

Lovely walkways and mini rivers guide you easily around the park to all the different areas.

The park is open from 7am to 7pm with entry being free, it has been beautifully laid out with something for everyone. The beauty is immense and the park looks onto Signal Hill with this huge sky stretching out making the park area seem so much larger. On the other side you are looking out onto the Mouille Point lighthouse.

We spent some time in the park and were amazed at how much thought had been put into the planning and layout of the park to ensure it appealed to all and hopefully it will remain the park for the people and their families and not become just another commercial moneymaking facility. We love it just as it is.