During these holidays we decided to embark on a new adventure and go on a helicopter ride. We have flown many times in those great big aircraft put on by the airlines but had never been on a helicopter before.

There are so many helicopter tours available, in Cape Town that you really have to do your homework first. It all depends on your preferences and of course the size of your purse, or what you are prepared to pay. You can choose from an extreme experience where the doors are off and you do a lot of low zooming at a speed or a hopper trip, an atlantic trip, a two oceans trip, full peninsula or a winelands trip.

We chose the very modest hopper trip, with Cape Town Helicopters, which took us over the Mother City, with a bird’s eye view of the Cape Town stadium, Lion’s Head, Sea Point, the Clifton beaches, Camps bay and the Twelve Apostles and then back to Cape Town again. This trip took about 25 minutes.

We were first introduced to a safety video of what we were to do in case of any mishap, we were then escorted to the helicopter where we climbed aboard, strapped ourselves into the seat, put on our headphones with microphone so we could communicate with each other whilst flying. In a few moments we were up and away.

The trip was thrilling with the most amazing views of this fair city. There was so much to look at all at once that you actually didn’t know where to look first. Seeing the perspective from the air was so different and it took a while to orientate and pick out all the smaller landmarks, except for the obvious large ones of course.

It was all over far too quickly for us and we could have stayed up there for much longer. Perhaps our budget will allow us a longer trip next time.