Rose’s has been a name we have always paired with quality in South Africa. Our family has bought and loved all the Rose’s cordials, from Lime Cordial to Passion Fruit to Kola Tonic. Just recently Lemon Marula Cordial hit the shelves (we haven’t had a chance to try it yet) but we were thrilled to find yet another brand new addition to the Rose’s drinks family at our local supermarket: Passion Fruit and Lemonade flavoured drink in a can.

I’ve always found it difficult when ordering passion fruit and lemonade at a restaurant or bar. They either add too little or too much passion fruit (usually too little), or use a non-Rose’s brand that tastes more like a faint Oros-orange flavour than passion fruit. The new Rose’s tin has the mix just right. And it’s so handy to have around for non-alcoholic visitors or to just to quench your thirst on those long summer days. Such a good idea – why didn’t they think of it before?

The Passion Fruit and Lemonade drink was a yesteryear treat for our children when going out to a restaurant. It was a treat that they always looked forward to becuase it was mostly presented in a tall glass with lots of ice and a straw, and felt a little more grown up for them than a milkshake or plain Coke or Fanta. Their little faces lit up with joy and there would not be a sound for a good few moments whilst they slurped down their drink.

For those who do want something with a bit of alcohol, this is an all-in-one mixer when you go out – or at home, or on a plane. Now you just need to order your drink of choice (vodka is a great choice in this case) and then order a can of Rose’s. Two drinks in one, with the same great flavour we all know and love. Try it – you’ll love it.