Tucked away in a corner of the West Coast National Park is an area called Postberg. Postberg is only opened in August and September of each year. It has the most beautiful scenery all carpeted in spring wild flowers during these two months. The scenery from the outlook and beach areas are stunning and worth a visit on their own.

During these two months, you will see an abundance of birds, sunbirds, bulbuls, robins, chats, hoopoes and many more, all collecting nesting material and also in a feeding frenzy for the nectar of the wild flowers and the abundance of insects.

This part of the park also has some wildebeest, springbok and bontebok which are rarely seen in the rest of the park.

If you haven’t been yet you should make the effort the sheer number and varieties of wild flowers will take your breath away.

Wild flowers range from daisies to vygies to flax to flowering bulbs and shrubs