The Neighbour Goods Market is held every Saturday from 9am to 2pm in The Old Biscuit Mill in Salt River. It features gourmet foods, artisan breads, fresh vegetables, sustainable fish, chocolate, pastries, cakes, oils and too many good things to mention.

We went along to see what all the fuss was about and can honestly say that we were so surprised to see the variety on offer as well as the great quality of the foods, a person needs a strong will power and an even bigger basket as you really want to buy everything you see.

Master Chef judge Peter Goffe-Wood was there cooking steaks for his Kitchen Cowboy stall where they sell the most delicious steak sandwiches, legendary, you want to bite your fingers off never mind licking them.

There are long tables where you can sit and eat any of the goods and meals bought at the market and the place gets really, really busy so best you get there as early as possible, firstly to ensure you can park nearby and secondly before all the good stuff is all sold out.

The goods sold at the Neighbourgoods Market is of superb quality and freshness with the emphasis on organic, fresh and healthy. Mind you, the place makes you just want to eat and eat so don’t hang about too long as you won’t be able to carry your basket out of there.

The Neighbourgoods market have also opened in Johannesburg, in Juta Street, and would love to hear about how well that is doing.

Well got to get ourselves off to the market right now to stock up on my Sherry vinegar.