• Buy DVD's for your collection from Amazon or Kalahari.
  • Check out PushPlay.
  • Buy a movie from BoxOffice.
  • Make your own popcorn and relax.

When last did you go to the movie house to watch movies? Is it still a viable concept or do you think that people have found other more cost efficient ways of watching movies? For myself, I find that now that the cinemas have become smaller, the sound is far too loud, the air conditioning too cold and the picture makes me seasick. So I looked around and found that there were many other options.

The many other convenient, cost saving options available are:

  • You can order DVD’s online, from Amazon or Kalahari, with Amazon you have a wait of three days and if Kalahari has stock you can get delivery within 24 hours.
  • You could sign up and download from Netflix for $7.99 per month and these can be downloaded and watched on your laptop, through XBox, WII or PS3 onto your TV.
  • Through DSTV’s BoxOffice you can, for the small amount of R25.00 buy and watch movies on TV.
  • PushPlay offer a service where they deliver the DVD’s to your postbox, you can keep them as long as you like, when you have finished them you can put them into any of the drop off boxes all around the city. All this for a starting cost of R55.00 per month.
  • Further fact is that a lot of online pirating still takes place.

If you consider that a family of four going to the cinema will outlay an amount of R140.00 (this is without the extra cost of popcorn and soft drinks (which are very overpriced at the cinemas), as against R25.00 at BoxOffice, I think the cinemas are going to have to work very hard to get their moviegoers to keep coming back.

Lately I have found that I prefer watching the various TV Series as they are short and the stories are good and move very quickly. Movies now have to be exceptional to keep my attention as I find they take too long to get into the story and seem to move too slowly, long shots of actors expressions with nothing happening in the storyline, i am finding that I do not have that kind of time or patience anymore. So bring on all the innovations and cost saving solutions as I still do love my entertainment.

So, do you think the cinemas will survive?