• English name - Southern Red Bishop
  • Zulu name - iBomvana
  • Xhosa name - Intakomlilo
  • Afrikaans name - Rooivink

I have a new visitor to our bird feeder, a Red Bishop, he is a first time visitor and I was really amazed to see him here as their normal habitat is near rivers and in reed beds so I wasn’t expecting him here. He was with a brown insignificant mate who was whirring her wings at him and trying to attract his attention all the time.

The Red Bishops (Euplectes orix) make similar nests to the weavers and will apparently defend their nest even to the death. Their colours during breeding are beautiful with the scarlet red head and back (almost like a “little red riding hood” cape) and the lustrous black chest and beak, he really is a handsome fellow. Surprisingly this guy has a harem, having more than one partner at a time.

I am delighted that he chose to visit and hope he comes back again.