Kruger - Letaba

This is a blog that I wrote many years ago but which I think is still so relevant today so I decided to re-post it.

There are many opinions on what a Sacred Space is. A Church, a Synagogue, a Mosque or even a Hall, or a space where many people gather to pray and ask for blessings.

A specific place where many people have died innocently as in the 911 awful disaster site or Auschwitz or Rwanda. A simple altar in a room with icons and candles. Sites of peace and power such as Glastonbury, Machu Picchu, The Pyramids, The Mount of Olives and many more.

Places where miracles have been known to have happened like Lourdes.

To my mind there are many more sacred spaces of equal importance.

The space in your mind where the most precious memories are kept.
The space in your heart where all the love for your most precious family, friends, partners are kept
The space within others that you reside in.
That secret little space where all your new ideas, wishes and aspirations are born.
The space in a forest when all is silent and you feel peace surround you.
The special space you go to for solitude and to let your mind soar.
The space beside a river where you can reflect and de-stress.
Your mother’s home where you feel enveloped in love, security and warmth.
Your friends home where you feel genuinely welcome and where you can safely share your secrets.

The list is endless but I just think that the word “space” is too large to define and that the word “sacred” is only so if we make it so.

I am sure you all have many others to add. Why not share your sacred space or spaces with us.