Pretty pink bells

Have you ever considered writing short stories, you know, those interesting stories passed down in your family for generations. Stories of your own personal experiences or stories that live in your imagination that need to find a place to be seen. Well with technology today we can do almost anything online and you most certainly can write your own stories.

We have so many talented writers in South Africa and their work is so very seldom seen, we need them to be seen and shared. These storytellers write from a different place, from an African place, a place that is so vibrant and so filled with culture and legends and sometimes just observations. Africans see things differently because we experience so much and have so much around us to draw from.

I have just recently met just one of these storytellers, a gentleman that can create and weave stories that you will feel strike you to the core, stories that will touch you in places deep within you that you never knew existed. He writes with such an inner depth of feeling and passion and knowledge that draws you, that makes you want to read more and more, his name is Ralph Sibande and you can find some of his stories here

I, again, on the other hand, am one of those people with the most vivid of imaginations and I see a bit of magic all around me, so I decided to write about my garden and the creatures I find there, called Fairy Space

I wrote and published this little story on Storehouse. Storehouse is a visual storytelling App that combines photos, videos, & words to tell a beautiful story . Share what you create with friends & followers or explore stories from around the world.

Go on, try it out, you know you have that story hidden within, write it and share with others.