test Hout Bay

Hout bay is a stunning little Fisherman’s village just about a 20 minute drive from the centre of the city with some of the best views on earth and the best fish and chips you could ever wish for.

The harbour is home to the local fishing fleet and their fishing trawlers, there are also the tour vessels taking folk out to seal island just some way around the corner from the harbour entrance and of course, not to forget the yacht marina. Seals can be seen swimming and diving in the harbour begging for scraps from the local fisherman.

Hout Bay has a lovely safe swimming beach which is very well attended by locals and tourists. Right alongside the beach with a perfect view of the activities is the not to be missed Mariners Wharf. Fish and chips are the order of the day, along with Lekkerbekkies (fish cakes), Snoek and Rock Lobster. When you see locals eating out at a place, you have to know the food is top quality. This is just one of the many eating places along the harbour and a person is really spoilt for choice.

Further down the road is the World Of Birds, the largest bird park in Africa and certainly worth a visit. It is so big that you could easily spend a day there just trying to see everything.

The village also boasts an organic market, which is set up in an old fish factory, a very festive and upbeat market which is certainly worth a visit.

Ooh! I forgot to mention that you can also purchase a passport to the Republic of Hout Bay which is not a real passport nor a real republic but all just adds to the fun of an outing to the place.

We never tire of visiting Hout Bay and in fact it feels like something is missing when we haven’t been back for a while. It is a feel good place.