Owl chick

The Spotted Eagle Owls have been breeding at Kirstenbosch for many years now and seem oblivious to the many visitors and tourists peering in at them. Some folk seem to take things to an extreme length, climbing up on the rocks and pushing their lenses almost into the poor birds faces. The truth is these birds can inflict a really nasty bite and I was witness to the male bird flying at one of the photographers. He is never far from the female and the chicks, sitting high above in one of the trees as if he were on sentry duty.

Mom and owlet

The Spotted Eagle Owl is the most common of our owls and is found all over Southern Africa from coast to coast. They are fairly large, about 43 to 50cm in height weighing between 500g and 1100g. They have quite a varied diet and feed mainly on small rodents, reptiles and even smaller birds.

Dad Owl

This year the Owls have 2 small chicks which we were so lucky to see and even managed to get some pics of them. In previous years the female has paraded her chicks, when they are bigger, on the top of the rock, where she nests, as if to show what a proud parent she is. We recommend that everyone should go and see this wonder for themselves.