Blue flax

Flowers, flowers everywhere. Carpets of them as far as the eye can see. Spring is here at last.

White daisies

A visit to any of the West Coast areas is a must this time of the year, you may een see some wild life too and don’t forget to take your eyes off the flowers for a minute or two and cast them toward the sea. You may be lucky enough to see some whales too.


The flowers attract the birdlife and there is plenty to see from the beautiful bejewelled little double-collared sunbirds to the flocks of flamingos in the lagoons. We took a trip to the West Coast National Park to see what we could find.

Bar-throated Apalis

Flowers galore, white, yellow orange, bright blue and you need to get down real low to see the tiny little hidden treasures that are eclipsed by the sheer numbers of daisy like flowers. Beautiful scenery with outlooks over the sea and huge rock formations holding it all together.

Pink daisies

We were thrilled and the highlight of our outing was to see a baby Cape Zebra and a Bontebok calf among all the flowers. The sights seem to dissolve the memories of the winter rains and cold and instil a feeling of magic.

Baby Cape Zebra

If you haven’t been before, you need to pay a visit, the memory will remain with you forever.

Baby bokkie