We saw these Mozambique Tilapia in the waters of Intaka Island. they are often the food of the purple and grey Heron, they also do our waterways a great service by keeping them clean.

The Mozambique Tilapia is a freshwater fish, also known as the blue kurper or bream, it is indigenous to the warmer waters of the south eastern regions of Africa, and can be found as far as the south western Cape. The Tilapia breed rapidly and are a sought after fish for human consumption.

The varied diet of the Mozambique tilapia includes algae, plants, insect larvae and worms, enabling a given stretch of water to support more Mozambique tilapia than many other species, also keeping the area clean of a build up of algae.

During breeding time the male becomes a dark bluish black above, with whiter on the throat and the chest, the tail fins and edges of the dorsal often becoming scarlet, they also fight quite violently even at times jumping right out of the water.

The Mozambique Tilapia female is a mouth brooder, she scoops up her young and sucks them up in her mouth. These young fish will stay close to her, scurrying for safety into their mothers mouth if there is any sudden movement in the water.