Canon 60Da astrophotography camera

Other than bird photography, it’s not often that photographers find themselves looking up to take a photo. Until now that is, thanks to Canon’s second foray into the realm of serious astrophotography with the release of the new 18 megapixel Canon 60Da.

In 2005, Canon dipped their toes into the astral field with the 20Da camera. Those were relatively early days in digital photography though and technology has evolved so rapidly over the last few years that it made sense to have a second stab at getting astrophotography right.

The main difference between the 60Da and its traditional non-astro cousin the 60D is that the 60Da lets in three times more hydrogen-alpha light, which is a deep red wavelength that you’d want to capture accurately when photographing the energetic nebulae found in the night sky.

Canon 60Da astrophotography of Orion nebula

What you need to know from the start, however, is that the camera alone isn’t going to produce photos as seen above. You need some serious zooming power to take proper astro photos and an ordinary camera lens isn’t going to cut it. The 60Da is made specifically to work in conjunction with a telescope of your choosing, which any serious amateur astronomer would most probably have anyway. If you don’t, you’d need to look at getting your hands on something like this.

Knowing that you’ll be working at strange angles with the telescope, Canon included a tilt-swivel LCD monitor on the 60Da, which also has high enough resolution for you to be able to get the best shots from any direction. Don’t forget that you’ll also need a T-mount camera adapater to connect the 60Da to your telescope.

What’s most exciting about this camera is that it opens up a new world of photography that most of us hadn’t yet considered. But, like macrophotography, this is not a cheap hobby, so check with your wife, husband or bank manager before going anywhere near your credit card for this one. If they do say yes, you’re going to be the very proud owner of some remarkable shots that most other people on earth aren’t able to take. Enjoy.