One of the best kept birding secrets in the Western Cape is the Strandfontein sewage works and resting pans. Such a huge variety of sea and water birds, on our outing there we saw Pelicans, flamingos, all kinds of ducks, cormorants, heron, darters, black winged stilts, glossy ibis, hadeda ibis and the big kelp gull.

The kelp gull is a really big bird and a mean badass bird when nesting as they were when we came across them. As we approached the dunes we saw literally hundreds of the birds and it was only as we got closer that we saw that some were sitting on nests and there were a few chicks starting to run around. We managed to get a few shots of them before the crowd started getting very animated and then started divebombing us. With that weight and big beak they could cause some serious damage and we chose to rather get out of there.

The Strandfontein sewage works allows free access to the resting pans and I must say that even though the area is also used for picnics, it is well kept and maintained.

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