I find that flowers have the most diverse colours and shapes. I seem to keep taking photos of them and trying to get that perfect shot, somehow the pics never look perfect enough but that isn’t stopping me I will keep on trying. Here are some of the pictures I have taken both in the garden and whilst out in the field. I hope you enjoy them.

This is the flower of the coral tree, in winter it has no leaves at all and in spring it has these stark branches with these gorgeous orange flowers.

Fuchsias have always been one of my favourite flowers, elegant little ballerina skirts in so many varieties of colour, both singles and doubles.

The Princess Margaret rose, always has lots of flowers and seems to be the perfect rose.

Sage flowers so delicate for such a strong flavoured herb.

The Impala lily, quite a unique plant of the succulent family. It is a medium sized plant with many stems, flowering mainly in winter.

Wild Gladioli seen in bunches they make quite a show.

Gazania daisy, quite hardy plants easily grown.

Wild daisies are found in grasses all over in the wild, very pretty.

Tree ferns remind me of a jurassic era, they seem so ancient but the green of their huge fronds is quite beautiful.

Aloes are grown everywhere in South Africa and the varieties vary from miniature creeping aloes to huge tree aloes, all of them have amazing flowers.

Wild Pelargonium peeking through the weeds and grasses.

Loved this little plant that was virtually growing through the rock.