• It takes 30 000 litres of water to manufacture one cellphone.
  • Making one pair of jeans takes 10 000 litres of water.
  • It takes 10 000 litres of water to grow one kilogram of grain.
  • It takes 24 kilograms of grain to produce one kilogram of beef.
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Environmentalist, entrepreneur and visionary, Jason Drew has written a book called The Protein Crunch, revealing the shocking truth about how we, as humans, have abused the world we live in. From our water, to our land and the seas, we have so abused them that they have now become critically degraded. This book offers us explanations, arguments and solutions for the way ahead. It should be read by leaders in every government, business and municipality around the world. It is a shocking wake-up call for everyone.

As a businessman, Drew has come up with a stunning business of creating protein from abattoir flies, called AgriProtein. He calls it his love story with the fly and the fact that flies could feed the world. Whilst investigating chickens he discovered that flies were feeding from the pools of congealed blood and a professor mentioned that flies could be used to recycle the blood into protein. Simply put, flies lay up to 1000 eggs in their life cycle, and one kilogram of larvae will turn into 380kg of protein in 72 hours. The reason we’re not knee-deep in flies is nature’s brilliance – chickens and fish eat flies. They always have.

Larvae are known as a natural food of chickens in the wild and fish in streams. It is said that their nutritional composition is as good as that of fishmeal and better than soya. As a natural food it has an excellent take-on and digestibility properties.

I don’t know if this would ever be my choice of food but I can well imagine it would do very well as an animal feed. Then again would I eat the animals fed with this protein? I don’t think so but, then again, perhaps I am not hungry enough … yet!