• Get to the Post Office early as these stamps will be snapped up.
  • Get a sheet of 10 stamps showing the emblem's evolution.
  • The first day covers depict the emblem and the emblem on a cap.
  • For theme collectors these stamps will be most sought after, both for animals and sport.

In commemoration of 100 years of the South African national rugby team being called ‘The Springboks’, the South African Post Office will issue a set of 10 stamps on the 19th August 2011, depicting the evolution of the springbok emblem over the time. These beautiful and tasteful stamps have been designed by Thea Clemons using historic Springbok emblems supplied by the South African Rugby Union.

The springbok is the national animal of South Africa, the name coming from Dutch and Afrikaans – ‘spring’ meaning ‘jump’ and ‘bok’ meaning ‘antelope’. This medium-sized gazelle is one of the prettiest and most agile of animals. They can be seen running and jumping off the ground with all four feet at the same time, called pronking. So the springbok was probably meant to represent the agility and speed of our country’s top rugby players. In 1906, the South African Rugby Football Board allocated the job of designing “a springbok in the act of jumping”, as an emblem which would be mounted on the breast of the Springbok green jersey, to a Cape Town, German-born artist Heinrich Egersdorfer.

The Springbok emblem underwent a few design changes over the years, with Dr Danie Craven suggesting that the emblem be a prancing Springbok over a rugby ball, to differentiate the emblem from the other sports. Over the years the emblem underwent even more changes with the final design now showing just an elegant leaping springbok.

The Springboks over the years have proved themselves to be a force to be reckoned with and will be the defending champions in the upcoming 2011 Rugby World Cup.

We are all behind our team, the “Bokke”, as they are affectionately called, and are rooting for them to win. GO Bokke!