• Send money to any cellphone number
  • Cash it or send some on to someone else
  • Max R1000.00 per day
  • Pay with it
  • All on your cellphone

What can your bank do for you? First National Bank asks that question and steadily but surely is pulling away from their competitors by offering new additions every month just to make your banking life easier and more convenient. Obviously all these little extras cost a bit more, but who would want to be without these conveniences in todays fast paced world. Apart from this they have one of the coolest customer interfaces, name one RB Jacobs on twitter he is @Rbjacobs (FNB Guy)and if ever you need assistance you can summons him up and in the blink of an eye he will respond, imagine that in comparison to call centres. Wow! What a service.

One of their innovations that I think is so useful is their e-wallet. This allows you to send money to anyone who has a cellphone number. They do not have to have a bank account and can draw the cash at any FNB ATM (not available at the mini ATM’s at present). This is super useful for emergency funds that need sending, for someone who has lost their bank card or even someone in a rural area. There is a maximum daily amount you can send of R1000.00 and you will pay R8.00 for this service, the receiver gets one withdrawal free then pays R5.00 per R500.00 for subsequent withdrawals, a maximum of R15.00 applies.

FNB e-wallet

Here are some of the details:

  • The eWallet from FNB allows you to:
  • Send Money to anyone who holds a valid South African cellphone number. The money can be sent from an active FNB transactional account.
  • Choose any of the three different methods to Send Money from: Cellphone Banking, an FNB ATM or Online Banking, whichever is the most convenient.

*Please note: Currently, FNB customers will not be able to send money from FNB Credit Card Accounts, however, this will be available at a later stage.

  • Sending and Receiving is not currently available at Mini-ATMs, but will be available at a later stage.
  • A recipient of money can:
  • Send a portion of the money in the eWallet to another eWallet in exactly the same way;
  • Withdraw all or some of the money from the eWallet at an FNB ATM without needing a bank card. The rest of the money can be withdrawn at a later stage;
  • Buy prepaid airtime from the eWallet;
  • Check the eWallet account balance or get a mini statement;
  • Pay for goods and services online from the eWallet using Cell Pay Point;

The following transactions are FREE of bank charges:

When an eWallet user does any of the following transactions from the eWallet:

  • eWallet balance enquiry
  • eWallet mini statement request
  • Cell Pay Point purchase

The following transactions will cost you only R2 each:

When an eWallet user does any of the following transactions from the eWallet:

  • Sending money to another cellphone number
  • Prepaid airtime or electricity purchase

Tip: Pricing is subject to change. Before you conclude a transaction on the eWallet, you will be advised of the cost of that transaction.

This is such an amazing payment system to have for those unforeseen emergencies and for us this is reason enough for you to open an account with First National Bank right away.