The South African Post Office will issue a set of six stamps on 12 August 2011 called ‘Green Earth Healthy Garden’, featuring vegetables that are rich in nutritional value and easy to grow. In addition, a recipe book, containing a recipe with each of the vegetables as the main ingredient, will also be available for each stamp sheet that is bought.

The message is that no matter how small your patch of ground is you can still grow vegetables. Vegetables can be grown in pots or window boxes as well as in raised beds in your garden. To raise awareness of healthy eating, as well as the benefits of growing our own vegetables and saving some money along the way.

The value of vegetables in the daily diet has a huge impact on our well-being, making it an essential addition to our daily food, notwithstanding the fact that vegetables are delicious, nutritious, healthy, versatile and affordable.

These stamps are beautifully designed and colourful – a worthy place in anyone’s collection. You will need to rush to your nearest post office on the day to make sure you get your stamps as well as the recipe book.