• Add your location.
  • Add the company details.
  • Add the person's contact details.
  • Add the follow up details.
  • Send an email to remind you.

Do you have a problem remembering the details of all the business people you meet every day, either at conferences, meetings or via other partners? I know that I never forget a face but I do sometimes have difficulty remembering where I met them or which company they worked for. I am sure, if like me you think you will follow up on a meeting but then get back to the office and have a thousand other things to tend to so you don’t follow up immediately. This can lead to loss of business or loss of a business lead you picked up. It is also simple etiquette to send a simple message to the person thanking them for the meeting or confirming details of the meeting.

Well! Pleased to say you don’t have to worry about that anymore. There is now a great little product in the iPhone app store called RememberMe This app allows you to enter the meeting, location, the company and furthermore, all the details of your follow ups. Whenever you are ready the app will email the details to you. You no longer have to rely on your memory

At a cost of just $1.99 we think this is a worthy addition to your iPhone.