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If the ARC (African Registry Consortium) has its way and the AU (African Union) gives its backing then Africa could be looking at its own TLD (Top level domain) .africa The benefits are great for the African continent and will give Africa, for the first time, its own space and thus allowing the diversity of Africa and its knowledge, know how, as well as its advanced technology in the mobile space to shine through to the rest of the world.

The aim is to use the same technology as used by Uniforum (current registrar of .co.za domains) as apart from the funds it generates it has many social initiatives that it currently runs in South African schools which can be shared across the continent. We are hoping that if they do adopt this technology, that it will be completely overhauled as at present the systems are  too unwieldy and too slow for the .co.za domains, never mind the .africa domains. But we do think that the .africa domains will be a great addition to the worldwide domain kingdom, just as valuable as .us or .eu for example.

ARC Spokesman and founding member, Koffi Fabrice Djossou explains that at present the ARC includes representatives from Senegal, Kenya, Benin and South Africa, and the welcome mat has been laid out for  other African nations to express their interest and involvement with the ARC. He further mentions that the .africa domains will start rolling out in 2013, leaving the door open down the line for other languages too such as French and Arabic.

Can you imagine a domain such as tablemountain.africa, how cool is that?