• Breakfast finishes at 10.30 do not be late.
  • Take a walk along the trail.
  • Be amused by the Guinea Fowl on the lawn.
  • Tea and scones are a must.
  • Buy the book "Been there done that" (order it online here) and go out and discover.

There are many places to visit in Cape Town that are beautiful, awe inspiring and memorable but which is your favourite? I am not talking about quick fashion here, the ones that are just there for a year and then disappear. No, I am talking about those places that have been there for years and still have the same quality and high standards, the ones that keep you coming back.

I have to say that among my favourites is The Vineyard Hotel. The Vineyard Hotel is steeped in a history of over 200 years, originally built in 1799 as a single storey home for Lady Anne Barnard. It is in Newlands and lies just beneath Table Mountain’s Devil’s Peak. The grounds are stunning with beautiful walking and jogging trails which bring you along the Liesbeeck river that runs at the bottom of the property. Now, in winter all the Camellias are in full bloom and with the many varieties make a remarkable show.

The food is of a very high standard and if I had to go into the details of their slow roasted belly pork, I would have to get into my car and go back there immediately. There are two restaurants The Square and Sushi bar Myoga, I have not visited the Myoga but love sitting on the verandah on a Sunday afternoon, having a lunch, ordered from the Square and then to play a few games of RummyCub and finish off the day with a stroll along the trail.

This is a place not to be missed when visiting Cape Town.