• No more queues, just put your mobile up close and pay
  • It could be used to scan items
  • Download and use merchant coupons
  • It will be more secure because of the close range
  • Disccover and share will be even easier

NFC or Near Field Communication, is where two devices in a close proximity can communicate and exchange information between them. The distance is about 20cm or 12 inches apart, not very far at all. This has not yet become widespread or well used in South Africa yet but it can and will change our lives in all sorts of ways very soon. It can be used to pay for goods, as an electronic key, pay for a parking meter, pay to get into events and movies and even for identification, in fact there are an endless amount of uses for this technology.

It has just been used very successfully at this years Oppikoppi rally which was held way out in Northam a really remote part of the Northwest. The concert was basically cashless with everyone getting in via NFC on their mobiles. According to the promoters, there were some minor teething problems but the proof of the success was that mobile ATMs had been installed, they were hardly even used. If taking into account that there were about 15 000 festival-goers and about 60 merchants this has been hailed as a huge success by the organisers, developers and merchants alike. So successful was it that their bar losses were so minimal as not to be counted.

With Google, major credit card companies as well as mobile operators all reportedly, very busy building technology to include NFC , you can bet your life that times they are a changing.