• Peri peri is good for you
  • Chillies contain no fat
  • Chillies lower your cholesterol
  • Chillies are high in vitamin A & C
  • Chillies are called the feel good remedy

Nando’s is a name that is known in every household rich or poor, there are probably very few people who have never heard of or never tried Nando’s famous flame grilled chicken. In true Portuguese style you can have your chicken hot (peri-peri), medium (peri-peri) or lemon and herb. A whole chicken, a half or even quarter chicken, with chips, rice or salad, it surely is the way to treat the family on the weekend. They even have their own range of sauces and marinades together with their own reciperis to inspire you. Some of these recipes have been written by Jamie D’Oliviera, Antony Worral Ranson and even Cordon-Bleu Ramsay.

But Nando’s are just as well known for their cheeky, in your face adverts. Some of them really getting under the skin of the ANC Youth league who threatened them with court action and even threatening militant action against the chain if they did not take down a video ad depicting Julius Malema. Nando’s withdrew the TV ad but then hit back with the same ad blurring the face with a banner at the bottom saying that this was to protect innocent parties.

They have just come out with another poster ad featuring Benni McCarthy, welcoming him back home but saying ‘Our chicken is trimmed of excess fat’, further saying ‘your new team is expecting big things from you Benni, not on you’.

What can we say? Their cheeky ads do get noticed by everyone, talked about and even passed on to friends and family, so they must be doing something right.