• Some of the top teams in South Africa
  • Bafana Bafana
  • Kaizer Chiefs
  • Orlando Pirates
  • Amakosi
  • Ajax Cape Town

South Africans are crazy about soccer, it is the single thing that brings people together, at stadiums they can be heard extolling the virtues of their teams, blowing their vuvuzelas at every move on the field. In order to celebrate a goal being scored the word Laduuuuuuuumaaaa can be heard reverberating around the stadium.

The word Laduma, pronounced (La doo mah) has been taken from the Zulu language meaning “it thunders”, this word when drawn out at the stadium, signifies the jubilance of the crowd and in some instances is even called out by the radio and TV announcers when broadcasting the game.

Soccer fans are staunch and wear colourful Makarabas, (hand-cut and hand-painted  hard hats) usually in the colours or with figures depicting the team they are following, they can be seen boarding buses and trains early to make their way to the stadiums, vuvuzela in hand and singing their local soccer songs.

The national team Bafana Bafana (the boys) is almost revered with top soccer players becoming legends overnight, but lose a game and the country seems to sink into a deep depression, win and with smiles all round, everyone celebrates for a week.

So popular is this game and the word Laduma that there is an online and mobile site called Soccer Laduma, where fans can get latest scores, fixtures and can even interact with each other, giving their opinions or holding postmortems. The site gets over 2 million viewers a month.

So a big Laduuuummmaaaaa to all.