There is not much that willingly grows in the shade of trees where the soil is dry. But clivias thrive in these conditions, they do not need pampering and their winter and early spring, salmon orange trumpet-like flowers are glorious, especially if planted in great big clumps. They also do very well in pots, on a patio. Clivias are extremely hardy but do not like hot sun or frost.

Clivias are part of the lily family, the amaryllis part of the lily family. Clivia are very easy to propagate from seed but this is quite a long process, until fully grown. They need to be divided every other year, this can be done very easily by cutting off an offshoot, making sure you still have some root attached. This will almost double the number of plants you already have so you can keep filling the empty spaces or share the cuttings with friends, family and neighbours, they will love you for it. You could even pot some of them and give them as gifts.

Right now all the flower sheaths are starting to push up among the leaves, which means that they will be in full bloom by the beginning of September, just in time for spring. I can’t wait for the show.

Go buy some from your local nursery now, you won’t regret it.