Cape Town has a rich culture all of its own, with inherited tastes and foods from many varied ancestors, but some of these tastes, through all the mixing of various cuisines, remain unique to Cape Town alone. Bashews soft drinks are a unique tradition in this part of the world.

Seen all through the Cape peninsula are deliveries of wooden crates of soft drinks, or cool drinks (or cold drinks) as we called them when we were kids, called Bashews. The tastiest soft drinks that you can imagine, there always being a fight over which flavour was the best – raspberry, creme soda or iron brew.

When you saw the Bashews bakkie coming down the road you were praying that it would stop at your house. No weekend or celebration was without the frosty cold Bashews bottles being brought out and neither adult nor child could resist them.

The Bashews brand was started in 1899 by the Bashew brothers and still continues today. This brand has probably had some influence on every Capetonian at some time in their lives and is still being delivered right to your doorstep.

Imagine my surprise when a week ago I happened to espy the famous Bashews soft drinks in our local Pick n Pay! Delighted to see them there, I instantly snatched up some bottles and hurried home to share the treasure with the family. This has now spread to the office and will continue to grow as more and more people get to taste and know this incredible product.